As a Middlewich business, we were hardly surprised to hear that this little market town is the fourth most desirable postcode in the UK, according to recent research by Royal Mail.

We’d argue it should be number one – not just because it has one of the best marketing agencies in the country – of course 😉 – but because what the report didn’t cover was the fantastic community spirit that exists in our little corner of Cheshire.

Whether you’re a resident, a business, a community group or a school, Middlewich has everything to offer. We’re close to the motorway, the airport, a mainline station with a fast train to that there London, and better still, we’re a stone’s throw from the beautiful Cheshire countryside. And we mean a stone’s throw (even if you’re not an Olympic shot-putter)!

There are some fantastic businesses based here (apart from Bare Bones Marketing), from multinationals to home-based artisans. There are some great facilities – the Civic Hall is the envy of many of our market town neighbours, and the festivals organised by the Town Council are not only well run and well attended, but show off Middlewich at its best.

So are there any negatives to being in Middlewich?

There’s only one we can think of…

None of us really shout about how good it really is, and maybe we should!

Perhaps we could help with a little marketing…

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