A 9 year old boy told his class what he doesn’t like about being a boy and Emma Watson astonished almost everyone who watched her speech for HeForShe. There has lately been a higher awareness for gender inequality, these are just two examples of gender inequality media circling on the internet.

Emma Watson, an ambassador from Women Goodwill, said in her speech “I am reaching out to you because I need your help. We want to end gender inequality—and to do that we need everyone to be involved.”

This includes businesses! We have to see to fact that gender inequality is very much present in businesses as well as individual lives. Some woman are still underpaid and men with children get less access to family-friendly policies or flexible working arrangements than women.


‘Think, Act, Report’

Think, Act, Report provides a simple step-by-step framework to help companies think about gender equality in their workforces, particularly in relation to recruitment, retention, promotion and pay. If you are representing an organisation you can sign up to Think, Act, Report through their online registration form.


Some facts:

70% of people in national minimum wage jobs are women. 54% of women working part-time have been found to be ‘employed below their potential’, which amounts to 2.8 million women. Chances of getting the job are reduced by 70% if the woman has children. Men are 4 times http://www.mindanews.com/buy-imitrex/ even more likely to be turned away from secretarial posts than women.


Companies with gender equality perform better:
Several studies suggest a connection with gender equality and organisational performance. While there are a range of reasons to explain this, one of them is that diversity gives different perspectives, produces an analysis of the connected issues an organization faces and encourage working harder which leads to improved decision-making.

Gender equality improves national productivity and competitiveness:
The World Economic Forum has found a strong relation between a country’s competitiveness and how it educates and uses its female talent. “Employing women means a more efficient use of a nation’s human talent”

Developing a good reputation: When men and women are treated the same, it will develop a better reputation for the businesses as most employees will tell their story, whether it is online or face to face.

Saving money:
Both women and men are more likely to remain with a business that operates fairly according to them. This is better known as ‘retention’, which means keeping the employee as long as possible. This will lead to better results and it costs businesses less time and money to get new employees worked in.

Of course the Bare Bones Marketing team has no trouble with gender equality which is why we’ve joined ‘Think, Act, Report’. And we are after all, a team of (super) women!

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