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We thought you might like to see some recommendations for Emma and her work over the years…

Delivering a project at short notice with a wide remit is not an easy task, especially with the unique challenges that the education sector creates! But Emma and Bare Bones Marketing not only took it in their stride, they understood the sensitivities and complexities of working with a school that didn’t want marketing themselves commercially to conflict with their academic values. Their understanding of the objectives coupled with a creative approach delivered above my expectations and I was really impressed with the thought that went into the project.
Emma came up with a variety of options which met, and indeed exceeded, the brief and talked in a way that made me comfortable in the approach we were looking to take. She didn’t bamboozle with jargon and she broke down the explanation of what we could achieve into simple steps, all of which made me confident that we’d chosen the right marketing company to help with our challenge.
I’d recommend Emma and Bare Bones Marketing to any educational institution (or anyone else for that matter!) who needs to market themselves and needs someone to guide them along the way. Bare Bones Marketing used a down-to-earth and honest approach and somehow made it look straightforward.
Michael Hughes, Chair of Governors, St. Dominic’s Priory School, Stone.

It was no surprise to me that Emma won her award at the South Cheshire Chamber last night, having personally spent time with Emma working on the marketing of my own business, PA Today. I first came across Emma earlier this year. I was looking for someone to support me with marketing, and after being introduced to Emma, I knew she was the one I wanted to work with. After exchanging a couple of emails, we met, and I have to say that our meeting was very successful and excellent value for money. For an hour and a half we reviewed everything I had done so far, and put together a plan of what I should do next. It was great! 

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Pam Allen – PAToday

Emma is doing a great job helping me organise and concentrate my marketing efforts. Our monthly meeting gives me the continued focus I need to drive my business forward. So far we have worked on my marketing plan, my target prospects, and designed a brochure highlighting the true USP’s EasyOnlineRecruitment.co.uk offers. It’s great knowing you Emma, I’m sure we’ll be in touch for many years to come, and I look forward to “clinking” a glass of champagne when I have my first £Million in the bank!

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Adam Butler – Owner, Easy Online Recruitment

Emma is extremely knowledgable, professional and great to work with. Our meetings really help to keep me focused. With Emma’s help I have so far, written my marketing plan, created a new website, business portfolio and I’m currently working on my blog. I would happily recommend Emma and the high standards of her work to anyone.

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Sarah Kinder – Zine UK

Emma was a complete success at Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School. Emma provided an interactive presentation at an event ‘Thinking about your Future’ on the 1st June to Lower Sixth Girls. Her brief was to discuss ‘How to brand you.’ She made the presentation fun and most importantly she made students think by asking the year group to discuss, ‘What is a brand?’ ‘What brands do we know?’ ‘What people are brands?’ ….. she posed the questions to each student ‘What three words represent you?’ What impression do you want to give potential employers in the future? She explored the concept of social media and how this can be used to network, find employment in the future but most importantly how to use this to your advantage as well as discussing the dangers! Excellent! I hope we can book her again for next year!

I would highly recommend Emma and Bare Bones Marketing to any business.

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Susan Burke – Head of Careers, Merchant Taylor’s School, Crosby

Emma was our main contract owner and stakeholder at E.ON for over 4 years. During this time, I was honored to have worked with such a talented, focused and hard working individual. Emma was constantly striving to improve concepts and delivery and was key in helping us to re-structure and further develop our service offering in line with the changing needs her marketing department. She was always on hand to provide constructive and helpful feedback through regular reviews of my team’s performance, a truly exceptional marketeer, with the end customer always at the forefront of her approach.

Ruby Kaur – Group Account Director at Charterhouse worked with Emma during her time at E.ON

Emma did some work for me at one of the charities I work with – we were really struggling with a marketing concept and she unstuck us perfectly! She really got to grips with what we were trying to do, what we needed to achieve and understood our constraints. She really quickly came up with some really refreshing creative ideas which helped us to think differently. We have a clear idea of what we want to do next, and somehow it suddenly all seems so simple! Thank you!

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Isla Wilson – CLIC

My name is Clippy and I’m the founder of Clippy’s Apples, we’re the first ever company to launch a commercially made ‘British Apple Jam’ into the UK’s supermarkets. We are a very small company but with big ambitions to become a UK household name. Emma from Bare Bones Marketing has really helped us to define our marketing plan without coming across as an ex-director from a big UK firm. Emma went into great detail about the Clippy’s brand and how we can achieve our dream. I would highly recommend the Bare Bones approach which is warm, friendly and passionate about delivering the best options for small business which are realistic.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Michelle McKenna – Clippy’s Apples

Emma is one of the best marketing communication leaders I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She has first class delivery and creativeness, a strong attention to detail and quality, and really does think about ‘the customer’ in all aspects of work that she does. Not only does Emma bring creativity (and common sense) but she also combines this with real commercial rigour and accountability. She is a high performing individual with a strong work ethic. You can always count on Emma to ‘be there’ when needed – she is a great team player and manager. I would have no hesitation in recommending Emma to other businesses/clients/suppliers and would happily work with her again.

Arslan Sharif worked directly with Emma at E.ON

Emma is an enthusiastic and professional marketeer who has a natural understanding of the commercial challenges of smaller businesses and enterprises.

John Hicklin worked directly with Emma at Vodafone

I worked closely with Emma at the Caudwell Group for a few years and I can highly recommend her marketing talents and therefore her company! Emma has a great mix of both creative and results orientated marketing (sorry for cliche!) so would be perfect for whole suite of marketing strategy from brand creation/development through to targeted marketing campaigns etc.
She is fun to work with and hard working too.

Tim Crighton worked directly with Emma at Caudwell Group

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