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Welcome to Bare Bones Marketing!. Thank you for visiting our website.

We're an award winning marketing company who help businesses to achieve their goals through our marketing advice, training and marketing services.

We're passionate about making marketing less scary for businesses, and we've helped lots of businesses raise their profile, set up a marketing plan, find their target audience, have the right look and feel and increase their online presence. How can we help you?
"Marketing isn't everything, but everything is marketing."
- Paul Schrage (former CMO, McDonald's)

Strategy & Planning

Not quite sure who your target audience is?? Are you taking a scattergun approach to your marketing? Do you need to focus your marketing resources more effectively? We can help you define your strategy and set up a simple marketing plan that you can use to drive your marketing and your business forward. Read more

Branding & Design

Marketing is also about an image - the look and feel of you and your business creates that all-important first impression. Do you know your brand values? Does your logo need refreshing? Do you need a new brochure, leaflet or advert designing? Read more

Online & PR

Want more people to know about your business? Your online presence through your website and social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is critical to marketing your business. We've also helped businesses raise their profile through working with them on PR. Read more

Ongoing Support

We're passionate about supporting our clients any way we can, whether that's on a project basis or on a retainer. After all, once a customer, always a customer! Read more

Bare Bones Marketing is passionate about helping businesses with their marketing problems. We offer simple, down-to-earth marketing advice and services that deliver commercial results. We're here to help your business get more business... ...and that's the bare bones of it. Read more

Why Choose Bare Bones Marketing?

  • Passionate about helping businesses solve their marketing problems.
  • Simple, down-to-earth and no-nonsense marketing advice and services.
  • We work with any size of budget - we know every penny counts!
  • 20 years experience with global brands.
  • We’re here to help your business get more business.
  • An award winning marketing company that get to the bare bones of your marketing

Bare Bones Marketing and PR

  • I Live Healthy Website
    I Live Healthy Website
    I Live Healthy was a new start-up business and the founder, Sarah Latham, needed a website for her new business. That’s where Bare Bones Marketing came in! The website needed to engage with the...
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  • Mindgift Postcard Design
    Mindgift Postcard Design
    Mindgift needed two new postcards to convey their key messages and brand values to different target audiences. One postcard was aimed at private clients and the other for businesses. They wanted a simple...
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